TechLoy’s Best People, Brands and Events of 2010

The year 2010 was peopled with brands that were eventful. Here are the people, brands and events that moved and shaped the year 2010.

I’ve listed them with their twitter names in order to make it easily to follow them.

Tech Influencers of 2010


Tech influencer of the year 2010 – @ceoSteveJobs for making us all have an iLife

Tech Brands of 2010


Tech brand of the year 2010 – @enciphergroup for bringing us Nigeria’s first tablet PC, inye

Tech Blogs of 2010


Tech blog of the year 2010 – @memeburn for putting emerging tech markets on the global tech space

Tech Events of 2010


Tech event of the year 2010 – Open Innovation Africa Summit #OIAS for gathering innovators and thought leaders from all over the world in Naivasha, Kenya

Tech people of 2010


Tech person of the year – @mukoshy for building Nigeria’s first URL shortener,

I’d love to say ‘thank you’ to all of you for making 2010 a memorable year!

To everyone else who in one way or the other made positive impacts in 2010, I say ‘thank you’!!

Finally, I’d say ‘thank you’ to @rachealokezie, my wonderful wife for her ‘tech’ love and support!!!:)