10 Coolest Mobile Web Products of 2010

The mobile web has definitely come to stay. With more access to the web via mobile phones, we’ve seen lots of web products designed for easy access on mobile phones.

Most people now access Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and other web products via their mobile phones.

Local web products and services too are not left out in the fray. In 2010 alone, there were about 20 web products that became easily accessible via our mobile phones.

As we expect to see more exciting mobile web products and applications in 2011, I’ve made a list of some of the mobile web products that rocked our phones in 2010.

I’ve made an attempt to diversify the list of mobile web products around several markets.

Personally, these mobile web products were very useful to me and I’ll continue to use them in 2011.

In no particular order, here’s my list of Nigeria’s coolest mobile web products of 2010.

1. Genesis Deluxe Cinemas

Content-driven movie times sites such as Genesis Deluxe Cinemas that allows us find movies showing at the Lagos and Port-Harcourt cinemas on the go.

2. Gyst

Business listing and review site such as Gyst which makes it easy for you to find businesses on the go.

3. Dealfish

Consumer-focused classifieds site like Dealfish which enables you to search for (and post) classifieds items from your mobile.

4. ConnectNigeria

Sites providing content rich media such as news and articles syndication, business and events information search like ConnectNigeria. This mobile web product also allows you to add a business, add and browse classifieds, autos, etc on the go.

5. Aero

Air ticket booking sites for consumers such as Aero allows air travellers to book for flights right on their mobile phones.

6. Jobberman

Job search sites for jobseekers and professionals such as Jobberman allows users find jobs on the go.

7. Naijaborn

Social network engine for searching a user-generated database of the global Nigerian community such as Naijaborn.

8. Gistcaster

Micro-discussion sites such as Gistcaster that allows you join the discussions around you.

9. Naijapals

Social networking sites such as Naijapals helps people stay in touch with their friends.

10. Nairaland

User-driven community and online forums such as Nairaland allows users join in discussions that interest them.

Have you used any of these mobile web products? What are your experiences?

Do you know any other mobile web product? Tell us in your comments or send me a tip.

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