Crime Spotter App Coming Soon On A Blackberry Phone Near You


Crime happens everyday and everywhere in the world. Government and NGOs have sought several ways to fight this trend.

In Nigeria, the case is different as there are no video surveillance cameras or even an equipped police force to manage crime.

But here comes a crime report tool that would allow any witness to report a crime as it happens.

Crime Spotter is a crime reporting blackberry application developed by mSourced that allows you to capture and report crimes on the scene in real-time.

With the app, crimes spotted by the public can be snapped or videoed using your Blackberry device camera and delivered to the mSourced server directly.

When you report crimes, your phone provides mSourced with the location of the crime (with the help of GPS), which makes it quick and easy to track.

While I’m not sure yet what mSourced would do with these information, it’ll make sense to have a central intelligence unit or something at the Police Headquaters that would manage the crime reports as they come.

mSourced which means Mobile Sourced was birthed to map reports on security and social vices. The idea emerged one of the winners from the Social Innovation Camp held in Lagos in January 2011.

From there, a team of volunteers came together with the aim of providing reliable security information through the use of technology which allows public participation.

The blackberry app is due for release this April.

My Thoughts

Good initiative. Brilliant idea. But how many people use Blackberry phones in Nigeria? Just over a 100,000 blackberry users based on estimates, mostly people living in Lagos.

Of course this figure will grow, but how many people will actually use the app?

Another challenge is how would the reports be managed? Who would manage the information? The Nigerian Police?

Again, without an effective National Identification system and tools such as face-recognition softwares, the photos and videos would just be another tale for ‘market traders’ to tell.

However, if managed properly, the app can become a great tool in fighting crime especially in developed countries.

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