Mobicanvas – An Innovative Mobile Site Builder


Founded in January 2011, Mobicanvas is a web tool that helps small-to-medium enterprises and startups generally to easily and cheaply build, promote and monetise their own mobile websites.

The mobicanvas web interface provides a unique way to build a mobile site without any development costs and you can have your mobile site deployed on a domain of your choice in minutes.

With mobicanvas, you can build a mobile website quickly and easily using a drag and drop feature on the mobile site builder. The tool allows you to choose from a selection of themes to customize the look and feel of your mobile site. You can change the colours, header, footer and even add your own images.

Mobicanvas lets you choose from a wide selection of widgets such as twitter feeds, weather, finance, google maps, custom forms, user polls, mobile optimized rss feeds and downloadable content (videos, audio, and images), etc to add functionality to your mobile site.

Mobicanvas mobile site builder from Mobi Canvas on Vimeo.

As an extension of the Mobicanvas service, a worldwide bulk SMS interface is offered with competitive global rates. This could come in handy should you want inform your existing database of contacts about your offerings via SMS.

Mobile sites built using Mobicanvas (e.g come with Admob ads by default, but you can remove such ads by upgrading to a premium account which costs $10 USD (about N1500) per month. In order to host a custom domain (e.g., you’ll have to pay $10 USD and all payments are done via PayPal.

Mobicanvas has already hosted more than 100 sites since launch. Some great examples of mobile sites built using Mobicanvas include, and

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