We Need Broadband, Not ‘Plug-n-Pray’ Internet Connections!

Almost everything we do on a daily basis requires an internet connection, whether we’re checking our emails or making a Skype call. Some people can’t even do without internet access for a whole day because their businesses and lives are built around the Internet.

For so long, we’ve been inundated with so called ‘broadband’ services by telecom companies and ISPs, but most, if not all have not lived up to our expectations. Interestingly, the word ‘broad’ technically denotes limitless download and uploading of data to and from the internet.

Sadly, telcos and ISPs have ironically used the word, ‘broadband’ to promote their Internet connection services. But even a housefly knows that broadband, also known as high-speed internet connection is the fastest and most reliable way of accessing the Internet.

But seriously, what is the essence of an Internet connection if you can’t view sites with large graphics or download and upload large data files not minding the bandwidth limit? Of what use is an Internet connection when you can’t watch videos on live streaming or make Skype video calls without stress. With broadband internet connection, we can get more than we pay for such as value added services like VoIP access, TV access, and mobile calling all in one package. The benefits are endless…

With the increasing demand for broadband accessibility by Nigerians, now’s the time for the government and key players in the sector to develop a policy framework which regulates broadband.

Granted, Main One has demonstrated that we can have broadband, but still we can’t feel the effect through their clients which include 80% of the largest telecommunications operators and ISPs in Nigeria and Ghana such as MTN Nigeria, Starcomms, iPNX, Busy Internet, Etisalat Nigeria, Tigo and Swift Networks.

But perhaps, Mobitel offers real broadband service in Nigeria that explores the true potential of the Internet. The company has also demonstrated that their data service plans are affordable and have an unlimited data cap.

So if the speed of the connection you are currently using is not as fast and reliable as you want it to be, then, migrating to a broadband service will be the best move you’ll ever make if you want to get more out of your life and business on the Internet.

Olawale Daniel is a technology blogger and geek who blogs about computer and Internet tips and tricks, home security tips and online protection. You can read his technology blog or follow him on Twitter.

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