Jason Njoku On Nollywood Movies and Africa’s Internet Revolution [VIDEO]

In a recent interview, Jason Njoku, the man responsible for giving Nollywood, Nigeria’s movie industry a dedicated channel online talks to CNN’s African Voices about his company and the power of the Internet in the continent.

Jason Njoku is the managing director of Nollywood Love, an online entertainment company based in Lagos that aims to bring the very best of Nigeria’s “Nollywood” cinema to a pan-African and global audience.

His company, Iroko Partners currently has over 40 staff and hopes to make $1 million in revenues mainly from adverts on its online videos on Youtube by the end of 2011. According to Jason, Nollywood Love became profitable after just two months of operation from selling ad space alone.

Since December 2010, his company has been buying up the rights to Nollywood movies and uploading them for viewing on its dedicated YouTube channel.

Its most popular movie on the channel, “BlackBerry Babes,” a four-part comedy series about three materialistic women obsessed with their BlackBerry phones has been watched 650,000 times in its part one alone.

Since launch, more than 90% of NollywoodLove’s site traffic has come from regions like the EU, North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East, where broadband services are more readily available and where there’s a huge number of Diasporan Nigerians.

Njoku hopes that when broadband becomes readily available and easily accessible in Africa, more and more Africa-based viewers will begin to form Nollywood Love’s primary audience.

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