82% Disagree With President Jonathan On Apple Statement [SURVEY]

Last week, President Jonathan made a seemingly naive and myopic statement on his Facebook page that suggests that building new Universities in Nigeria would produce valuable companies such as Apple Inc.

We asked our readers what they thought about the President’s statement, and here are the results graphically shown below.

From the above results, 82.76% of respondents said that they don’t agree with the President’s statement, while 17.24% agree with his statement.

The statement has continued to generate debate amongst Techloy readers and here are some of the comments for and against President Jonathan’s statement.

Julius said:

Apple is a technology company quite alright, but the value of the company is directly correlated to the people responsible for the design, engineering, marketing among other things of the products it produces. Apple employees are also the best and the brightest in their area of expertise, a good number of which are products of Ivy League schools. Nigeria’s educational system was once the gem of the continent, but now its the laughing stock. By choosing to focus on the education sector you can see GEJ’s foresight. Nigerians are some of the brightest in the world and with the proper education and training you are helping to ensure Nigeria’s future. Bottom line, revitalizing the Education sector is equally as im…portant as the Power sector. And he is right, Education is much more important than Oil. And to your point about encouraging local technology companies, I’m sure you will agree with me that many of Nigeria’s local technology company’s founders where educated outside of Nigeria. With the proper education and training, you will see the organic growth of the Nigerian tech sector without the need for the governments intervention. Where was Google and Facebook founded? Dorm rooms. Apple and Microsoft if I remember correctly where founded in the garages of the founder’s parents homes. All of the companies I mentioned have founders that went to an Ivy League school. They all had a vision, the education and the support from family and friends not the U.S.

Arr said:

More universities huh?, what’s wrong with the improving the existing ones? This is just another scheme to award shady and fraudulent contracts in the name of making a better Nigeria. It takes more than building more universities or improving the educational system to bear products like steve jobs or the folks at apple, for the record Steve Jobs is a college/university drop out.

No doubt, critics have argued that there are more pressing problems such as power and infrastructure that if tackled responsibly could make Nigeria become a desirable nation.

It just seems that the President’s remarks show that his administration doesn’t have any plans to grow local technology companies to dominate on the world stage.

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