Majority Will Still Use Their Blackberry After Major Network Disruptions [SURVEY]


It is no longer news that Blackberry services across the EMEA region and parts of North America, Canada and Asia went ‘black’ last week as millions of BlackBerry smartphone users were cut off by a major fault at Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the Blackberry solution.

The glitch, which struck at around 11am on Monday, October 10, affected online services for consumers in these regions as they were unable to browse the web or instant messages, or access other internet services such as email.

Although RIM has offered a token as compensation to its customers and mobile operators have promised an extension of Blackberry services to current subscribers, we asked our readers if they would still use their Blackberry after such huge network disruptions.

The results indicate that over 76% of respondents will still keep their Blackberrys, while about 24% will not. See the graph below for results:

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