Listen Up! Google Adsense Not Allowed Here. Ever.

In the mid-morning hours of November 3, I woke up to the realisation that Google Adsense (Ads by Choice, if you like) were no longer displaying on TechLoy.

I quickly signed into my Google Adsense account, while checking to see if the adsense codes appeared correctly on the admin back-end of

It seemed perfect. What could be wrong?

‘Did Google suddenly run out of ads?’ I thought to myself. ‘Were they experiencing problems with their ad network?’

I checked other sites and saw Google Adsense running undisturbed. While at it, I checked my Google Adsense account to see if my ads were still active.

Yes, they were active, but inactive on my blog.


I looked up the message folder on my Google Adsense account, my email inbox and spam box and didn’t see any email notification suggesting that Google Ads had been disabled.

[As I write this, 14 days after, I haven’t received any email yet]

No Ads. No Email. No Sense.

Fast forward to November 17, two weeks later today and in protest , I’m announcing…

‘Ads by TechLoy’!

‘Ads by TechLoy’ are basically text ad links of not more than 100 characters, including spaces appearing on the TechLoy site, its daily RSS Feed and Email Newsletter.

My hope is that ‘Ads by TechLoy’ would help startups, small tech businesses, etc to promote their products and services at a very affordable rate.

In the nearest future, ‘Ads by TechLoy’ would be developed further into a targeted self-service ad system such as LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads.

If you run an IT/technology business or startup and would like to take advantage of the opportunities that advertising on a leading technology blog in Africa offers, please don’t hesitate.

Oh did I mention how much TechLoy made during the past four months we ran Google Adsense?

Just about $110. Not even enough to pay my Internet service for one month. And worse, we haven’t yet received the money. We probably won’t even get it.

Dear Google, please keep the money and the change, but you won’t go far ripping people off their earnings.

As John Chow notes in 7 Reasons Why Google Adsense Sucks:

“…there are literally millions of small publishers with super low traffic that will NEVER hit the minimum payout level and just give up or remove it from their site. What happens to this money? Google keeps it. Hmm? I’m guessing that the guy in the 3rd world country with the $38 dollars sitting idle in his account needs the money more than they do? They should be forced to pay out all monies owning to small site owners!”

As long as Google Adsense has continued to suck in terms of CPMs, crappy and irrelevant ads, lack of technical support et al, I’ve decided to discontinue Google Adsense indefinitely from my network of sites.

Seriously, Google Adsense has never really made any ad sense to me.

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