EXCLUSIVE: Google To Launch Nigeria Version Of Youtube Next Month

Yesterday, we reported here on TechLoy that Google may be officially announcing its social network, Google+ at a press conference scheduled to hold next month.

Well, our guess was wrong.

Google is actually planning on launching the Nigerian version of its online video offering, Youtube at that press conference on December 7 in Lagos., according to a reliable source.

Last month, the search giant announced the launch of a Kenyan version of YouTube with the goal of giving Kenyans an easy way to discover local content and content producers.

For Youtube Nigeria, users would be able to discover and share local content from the most popular videos in Nigeria that matches their interests on a Nigerian domain, Youtube.com.ng and Youtube.ng

Google purchased Youtube.com.ng back in 2009 and Youtube.ng earlier this year in February for $20,000 (N3 million).

While we’re not sure, it is possible that there could be a native language version of the Youtube page such as Yoruba, dedicated to videos and movies in the Yoruba language.

It is also likely that Google has partnered with local broadcasters and producers to bring Nigerian content to a global audience.

Nigeria now joins Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa and Kenya as African countries having Youtube versions. The first African version of Youtube was launched in South Africa in May 2010.

Last month, we predicted that a Nigerian version would be launched next, although it came sooner than we predicted.

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