Google Partners Phase 3 To Build Broadband Access Points in Nigeria [REPORT]


Google is reportedly in talks with Phase3 Telecom Limited, Nigeria’s only aerial fibre optic company to build broadband network access point across Nigeria, according to Leadership Newspaper.

The initiative is aimed at providing easier and cheaper broadband access via Phase 3’s 10,000 points of presence spread across the country.

When completed, the project would help subsidise transmission costs while providing unlimited bandwidth capacity for easy broadband access.

According to the Head of Business Solutions and  Sales at Phase3 Telecom, Otuya Okecha,

“We are working very hard towards ensuring that more people have reliable and affordable broadband connectivity in Nigeria and the entire West African region.  That is why we are in talks with Google towards opening the network access point. Once we agree with Google, the cost of connecting broadband users will fall drastically.”

Phase3 Telecom is also expanding its over 3,000km aerial fibre deployment and putting in place measures to ensure that its network availability remained one of the highest in the country.

[via: Leadership]

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