iROKOtv Attracted About 1 Million Visitors in Its First Month [STATS]

Nollywood movie streaming platform, iROKOtv recorded significant growth in its first month of launch, as visitors turned to the platform to watch Nollywood movies for free.

The platform which launched on December 1, 2011 attracted 962,000 visitors and 4,971,000 page views with about 20,000 unique views daily during the month of December.

Its parent company, Iroko Partners has had a blockbuster year launching arguably the three most exciting platforms in Nigeria’s Internet entertainment space,, iROKtv and

According to the platform’s founder, Jason Njoku,

“Over 2011, Iroko Partners generated approximately 152 Million views (views = people pressing play) across our NollywoodLove, YorubaLove and short-clip channels. We anticipate that will grow to 300 Million+ views across YouTube for 2012, especially with the launch of our E! Entertainment for Nigeria, iROKtv.”

The company achieved these remarkable results without any marketing campaign whatsoever, although it has plans to launch a massive marketing campaign in 2012.

It’ll be interesting to see what the company’s platforms’ growth would look like by year-end 2012.

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