#FuelSubsidy: Nigeria’s Ministry of Transport Website Hacked

A group called the NaijaCyberHactivists have defaced the website of the Federal Ministry of Transport, we’ve gathered.

In a message posted by the hackers on the website, it reads:

We will continue a relentless and devastating assault upon the web assets of the Nigerian government till the people’s demands are met! 

We will cripple Nigeria’s webspace and bring it to a grinding HALT TILL our demands are met! 

We will NOT stop the attacks until petroleum subsidy is returned!

The fuel subsidy removal by the Federal Government on January 1 has resulted in the hike in prices of fuel, transportation, food and an increase in the standard cost of living in the world’s 9th largest oil producing nation.

The NaijaCyberHactivists defaced two Nigerian government websites back in May 2011 and the website of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in October 2011.

Below is an image screenshot of what the Federal Ministry of Transport’s website looks like as at 11: 15am (GMT +1) on Friday.

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