TechLoy’s 10 Favourite Mobile (Web) Apps Of 2011

Mobile apps were the new kings of our devices in 2011. From social networking apps to educational apps, we’ve made a list of some of the mobile web products and apps that rocked our phones in 2011.

Our list features mostly local web products and apps that became easily accessible via our mobile phones and devices. We made an attempt to diversify the list of mobile web products and apps across several markets.

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In no particular order, here’s the TechLoy list of the mobile web products and apps of 2011.

1. Afrinolly

Afrinolly is a mobile phone-based application which allows you to stream African movies, music videos, comedy and get latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip and gist from your Android and Blackberry device. The app was released in September 2011.

2. Wakanow

Wakanow is the Nigerian version of Expedia, the world’s largest travel agency, which has become the one-stop portal for searching cheap flights and hotels and other travel-related services in Nigeria. Its mobile app lets you make hotel comparisons from over 4000 hotels around the world as well as flight comparisons for the best prices before making a booking. The app was released in June 2011.

3. Motribe

Motribe is a South African mobile platform launched in August 2010 that allows anyone on mobile and web to build, manage and generate revenue from their own mobile social communities. With over 2 million registered users already, it is the fastest-growing mobile social network in Africa during 2011.

4. GoldSMS

As the name suggests, GoldSMS is an SMS app that provides an alternative way of solving basic SMS needs while on the go. The GoldSMS app available on Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Nokia smartphones lets you send bulk SMSes with ease. The app was released in February 2011 and is Nigeria’s first bulk SMS app.

5. Eskimi

Eskimi is a mobile flirting and dating platform launched in Lithuania in 2010 and has become the largest mobile social network in emerging markets with over 5 million users as at December 2011.

It is currently the largest mobile social network in Nigeria with over 2.2 million users in 2011 from about 17,000 users in October 2010. About 130,000 people use Eskimi daily in Nigeria.

6. Constitution App

A Blackberry app for Nigeria’s Constitution was the first of its kind in Africa to be released to the public for free download in January 2011 and became a useful tool for Nigerian citizens the world over to access the constitution from their mobile phones. Within 72 hours of release, it saw over 10,000 downloads, making it the fastest app download in 2011.

7. CrowdPOInt

CrowdPOInt enables anyone with a GPS-enabled mobile phone to capture geographic locations of various points of interests such as hospitals, shopping malls, places of worship, bus stops, airports, cinemas, etc.

8. ReVoDa

ReVoDa is a mobile app that allows voters to report election activities as independent election observers from their respective polling units. The app was a useful tool during Nigeria’s 2011 elections and is expected to be used in elections in other African countries in the future. The app was released in March 2011.

9. Otondoh

Otondoh is a mobile community that helps you share once in a lifetime experiences during and after NYSC camp alongside connecting you with life-changing career opportunities.

10. QluQlu

QluQlu is a local daily deals site that provides you with 30%-70% discounts on goods and services within Lagos. Its nicely designed mobile web site allows you to access all of those deals easily from your mobile phone.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like it or not, mobile web (apps) have definitely come to stay. With more and more mobile access, we’ll continue to see lots of web products and apps designed for easy access on mobile phones.

It is expected that 2012 would see more mobile-focused products in other markets come out of Nigeria and/or experience huge adoption in Nigeria.

In 2012, we should expect to see music download/streaming apps as well as mobile shopping apps that would cater to the growing demand for such services via mobile.

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