Main One Expands Broadband Infrastructure in Nigeria

West Africa’s first submarine cable company, Main One, has announced that it has commenced the expansion of its broadband infrastructure to enable more Nigerians have access to its services.

In a statement, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Funke Opeke, said that it has injected fresh investment to expand its infrastructure in view of the increasing demand for the company’s broadband services.

Main One Cable currently delivers high speed bandwidth of 1.92 terabits per second (but has been proven to provide capacity of at least 4.96 tbps), but its biggest challenge has been getting this huge amount of capacity across the region to reach the millions of people and businesses that need its services.

“People know they want better access to Internet. They want it faster, cheaper, and they want to be able to drive new kinds of applications and access different types of content,” she said.

Opeke said the company recently started investing in its own distribution infrastructure as well as building its own networks since there are no commercially available alternatives.

Earlier, she had called for the formulation of a national policy on broadband to accelerate rapid penetration of broadband, lower cost of telecommunications and speed up economic and social development.

Main One’s clients include 80% of the largest telecommunications operators and ISPs in Nigeria and Ghana such as MTN Nigeria, eTranzact, Starcomms, Teledata ICT, iPNX, Busy Internet, Etisalat Nigeria, Tigo, Netcom and Swift Networks, among others.

The price of wholesale broadband decreased significantly by over 75% since Main One came into the market in July 2010. It is uncertain whether its remaining capacity would be sold directly to individuals and businesses.

The company is also expanding its cable to connect with Seacom, the underwater East African fibre-optic cable that has been operational since 2009.

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