Lagos State Fire Service To Rescue on Twitter?

The Lagos State Fire Service has joined Twitter — or at least there’s an account claiming to be its official Twitter account.

In its first tweet today at 9:21am (GMT +1), the fire service said:

“@gidi_traffic support us to reach your followers so we can be contacted when fire breaks and we can give updates on fire prevention.”

Within one hour, the Twitter account had attracted over 100 followers. But we’re a bit skeptical if it’s an ‘official page’ as a link to its website (a blogspot sub-domain) doesn’t look like there’s anything official about it. Our guess is that, it could just be a parody account.

But if it’s actually a real account, it would be interesting to see how the Lagos Fire Service department intends to use the social media platform.

[Hat tip: @niyimakinde]

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