Why Jobberman’s Premium Job Alerts Will Self-Destruct [OPINION]


Jobberman has launched a new feature called Premium Alerts that wants to keep you in the know about latest job openings for a fee.

According to the job search company, the new service allows job seekers to get job alerts customized to fit their experience, background, location and field of study via email.

Users would have to select the criteria that match their profile with the possibility of creating up to 5 different types of alerts. But, you’ll have to pay N1,500 for a 3-month alert service or N3,000 for a year to enjoy the service.


Of course there’s nothing novel or innovative about this service, as most job search sites offer this service for free. I’m not sure why Jobberman is charging its users to use a service that should be free, but heck, yeah, there’s really nothing wrong with experimenting on a revenue model.

While it is too early to say if the alert service would be successful, my guess is that users may opt in to the service for a 3-month period to see how it goes and may decide to stay on or dump it depending on the results.

Again, opting into the job alert service is not a guarantee that you’ll get a job, so if users don’t find a job after using the service, the usage could drop and Jobberman may eventually retire the service.

On the other hand, I think that the service should be entirely free since the service is just an email subscription.

If it were a mobile subscription service, users would be reasonably expected to pay for such job alerts (as lows as N100 per month) to be delivered to their mobile phones with a split in revenues with telcos.

As a matter of fact, mobile subscription services via SMS would be faster and far-reaching for users to get job alerts. That way, job seekers get to apply as quickly as possible.

While Jobberman may be thinking about adopting this more noble path to revenue generation, the company may have to rethink their paid email subscription service for job alerts.

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