TechLoy Introduces News Ticker, Launches New Twitter Handle


Today, we’re excitedly announcing the launch of Ticker, a new feature on TechLoy that displays every piece of relevant news and information within the technology and digital space in the shortest possible way.

The TechLoy News Ticker is basically our editor’s picks of the juiciest news, reviews and analysis curated from several news sources around the world.

Last month, I gave a hint that we’ll be going Ticker soon, particularly because we can’t possibly cover all of the technology stories happening across Africa and around the world.

Besides, we do know that our readers usually don’t have the time to read long stories when they can just get the gist from the headline or the first paragraph. Again, we’re sparing our readers the hassles of monitoring several news sites, tweets, and status updates by providing you with the most relevant news in just one paragraph.

Because we know you’d love to keep tabs with the biggest stories as they happen, we’ve also launched a new Twitter handle @techloyticker which will be posting updates from our Ticker instantly on Twitter and automatically on our Facebook page.

You can also follow the hashtag #techloyticker for updates and reactions from the Twitter community.

We believe that this move would enable us to free up time for those worldwide exclusivesinsightful opinion pieces and stellar product reviews and analysis that TechLoy has been known for.

I’m hoping that you’ll love this new feature and also follow @techloyticker on Twitter to keep tabs with what’s happening in the local and global technology space.

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