Want To Learn How To Speak Yoruba? There’s An App For That!

A new app about to debut on the iOS platform wants to let you learn how to speak Yoruba, a native language of the Yoruba tribe in West Africa spoken by about 20 million people.

The app called SpeakYoruba uses animated flash cards, with one word representing each letter of the Yoruba alphabet, with English and Yoruba pronunciations that help users learn to speak Yoruba while interacting with the alphabet through the iPhone/iPad touch interface.

The SpeakYoruba app developer, Omolabake Adenle, told TechLoy that:

“In developing the app, I placed a strong focus on visual design and tried to address factors that made absorbing the language from secondary sources challenging for me.”

Growing up in the U.S as the daughter of native speakers, Adenle said her parents always emphasised the importance of speaking Yoruba.

However, because Yoruba was falling into disuse as more and more people favour colonial languages, she decided to create a fun and gentle introduction to Yoruba.

SpeakYoruba aims to appeal to kids and adults; native Yoruba speakers and non-native speakers; Africans and non-Africans. The app would be launched with a lite version for the iPhone/iPod Touch and a full version for the iPad, which also includes memory puzzles and translation games.

SpeakYoruba is developed and published by AJA.LA, a mobile media content developer.

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