Is Just Another Music Platform? Here’s Why It’s Not!


What in the fuck did Oo just do? Did he just launch a digital music platform to compete with iTunes? Spotify? Deezer? iROKING? Spinlet?

Wait a minute! What was he thinking?

Two days ago, Oo Nwoye emailed me to say he wanted to show me something if I was free later that night. I immediately knew he was about to launch that mysterious ‘startup’ he’s been sneakily working on for months, if not years now.

By the way, we live about 20 minutes drive away from each other in the Lekki axis, but hardly ever hang out at the numerous bars and restaurants in the city. So I thought it’d be a good opportunity to meet up over a couple of beers.

Turned out that the time he was proposing was out of question, but we finally agreed to meet by noon today at Piccadilly Suite in Agungi. Dressed in a jean and shirt with a headphone around his neck, Oo could have passed for a music disc jockey.

That’s when I realised that this dude wasn’t kidding. Amateur time was actually over! Although I had gotten a hint that his long awaited comeback into the startup world after months of hiatus, was going to be through a music platform fittingly called, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Before now, Oo had launched two startups within the past two years — an online business card startup called OnePage which he later left and a social TV/Radio guide called Lotaar, which has been — you guessed right — in hiatus for months.

But why did he decide to launch a music startup? I’ve never known Oo to be a music fan, but he tells me that his favourite music platform is Spotify (make that was, as should be his favourite soon enough).

And yeah, throughout our 2-hour discussion at the upper lounge of the swimming pool area of Piccadilly Suite, Oo kept mentioning M.I, Rymzo and Whizkid, apparently, some of his favourite local music acts.

But if he’s been so into music, why did he have to wait so long to launch a music startup? Did he just get bitten by the music bug that seem to have bitten the guys at Spinlet and iROKING?

Well, Oo told me that it’s been five years in the head, and two trying to bring it to life. I asked how would be different from any other music platform? He said that the difference wouldn’t seem obvious now until the concept behind is 100% harnessed.

To him, he doesn’t believe that music should only be listened to, but also experienced and discovered through a user-friendly, functional and creatively designed digital platform.

With, Oo wants to redefine the way music artists interact with their fans, by rewarding them for their ‘fantronage’ in some way. On the other hand, fans can get regular updates about where and when their music stars are performing, even within their own city or neighbourhood.

Just think about getting rewarded by, say M.I with a free or discounted Chocolate City concert ticket for buying his latest album or sharing his latest music with your friends on

While this isn’t a novel concept, it could be a game changer within the local digital music scene, if implemented well. Still, would need more dynamism to assure us that it wouldn’t be just another music platform.

But Oo wouldn’t be so stupid to have had a killer concept to disrupt the digital music scene in his head for five years and eventually fail at executing it, would he?

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