What Bloggers Can Learn From The Entertainment Industry

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on LoyOkezie.com, one of the blogs on the Techloy network of sites.

Never mind that people don’t usually celebrate bloggers yet in Nigeria, just like the entertainment industry and fans do for their most talented and favourite celebs.

That will soon start to happen. Oh, it has already started to happen.

While I and a few bloggers may have been listed or mentioned around the web as the most popular and influential bloggers in Nigeria based on our blog’s ranking, influence and branding, I believe that’s not enough to say we’re there yet or we should be celebrated.

Rather, we’re still scratching the surface.

But beyond lists, there are quite a good number of lessons that bloggers can learn from the entertainment industry — specifically — the Nollywood, Music and Comedy Industry.

Here are 4 ways that bloggers can become celebrities in their own right:

1. Appearance

Bloggers will have to make their appearances felt beyond just their blogs – On Twitter. On Radio. On TV. On Billboards. At Events. Everywhere — if they’re to become the D’banj’s and Mercy Johnson’s of Nigeria’s emerging Blogging Industry.

2. Voice & Style

Bloggers will have to attract a huge following or fan base (literally) as well as build a unique voice and style to become the Basket Mouth’s and the Princess’s of the emerging Blogging Industry.

3. Money

Bloggers will have to figure out a method or a combination of methods to make serious money (with revenues in the excess of $10,000 monthly) from their content, brand and influence, not just relying on paltry sums from Google Adsense and other ad networks. (Big brands with deep pockets are watching the blog space!)

4. Make Believe

Bloggers will have to live in the world of make believe. Start riding posh cars and living in mansions in your imagination. Start giving away Blackberry phones to your fans and followers in your dreams. Soon, you’ll start living those dreams and imaginations. Soon, you’ll be living the Dot Com lifestyle, driving fancy cars, going toexotic vacations, wining, dining and partying.

If you’re to contribute to building a viable blogging industry, you must step up your game and move onto the next level of blogging: becoming a blog celebrity!

It’s time to raise the bar, bloggers!

Forget blogspot sub-domains! Hire a very good WordPress designer to create a unique blogging brand! Adopt a unique style of writing and/or hire talented writers on your team! Join forces with other bloggers around your niche and attract new fans! Build a network of blogs around your blogging brand! Be prolific! Be passionate! Be professional!

Heck yeah, don’t take my words because I’m not a blog celeb yet — I haven’t made a dime! Instead, learn from those who actually make $40,000 per month blogging!

Whether you’re blogging for fame or fortune (or both), remember that it would take a long time to build your blogging brand. If you’re into blogging for quick money or attention, then it’s not for you!

Let’s compete, collaborate and network together! That’s how the Nigerian entertainment industry became a multi-million dollar industry!

It’s showtime!

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