You Lazy, Boring, Irrelevant Tech Blogger!

I’m not one who responds to ignorant criticisms of me or my work, but when Editi Effiong who’s not a ‘tech blogger’ said that Nigerian technology bloggers are not relevant, it becomes necessary to put things in proper perspective.

First, technology blogging in Nigeria is still in its early days and as a pioneering blogger in the Nigerian technology space, I’ve always felt that I’m still scratching the surface. Just imagine how covering a budding startup ‘industry’ (use that word loosely) with little or no stories to tell has been since April 2008! For me, it’s been a fun and challenging ride!

Second, that I’m a technology blogger doesn’t mean that I’m obligated to cover every single tech story or topic. As a matter of fact, I started blogging to cover and profile startups and Internet companies, NOT report on the telecom industry. CP Africa recently said that “it is virtually impossible to think of startups and Nigeria without thinking of Loy Okezie.”

So does my focus on startups and Internet companies make me an irrelevant technology blogger?

Third, I run the biggest and most popular technology news blog in Nigeria. We break the biggest stories around Internet companies, startups and innovations with worldwide exclusives. We also publish news (yes, we even rehash them), insightful opinion and reviews and analysis from time to time around the tech, mobile and broadband space.

So if anyone fails to remember when a Nigerian technology blog delivered really hot ‘industry’ news, then that person’s memory is utterly useless.

On a final note, we’re looking for tech reporters and writers who would cover key topical areas we’re venturing into in the coming months.

If you want to be relevant as a writer/reporter in Africa’s technology startup scene, then let’s discuss joining TechLoy.

Oh by the way, we’re gonna make those ‘iRelevant Blogger’ tee-shirts you see up there soon ;-)

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