Ghana’s Saya Mobile Launches WhatsApp Competitor


Ghana-based Saya Mobile has released to the public its mobile messaging app called Saya that behaves like WhatsApp, but with more features.

Saya (pronounced, Say-yah) is available on J2ME, Blackberry, Android, and iOS platforms and allows you to message your phone contacts, Facebook contacts and have anonymous streetchats.

The difference between Saya and its competitors (WhatsApp, BBM or 2go) is that Saya brings along three levels of chat into one application, that is, you can chat with phone contacts, Facebook friends and have anonymous streetchats with people you don’t know based on your location.

According to Robert Lamptey, Co-founder and CEO of Saya Mobile,

“Our killer differentiation is StreetChat where we put people together in one chat room based on their location, with this they can discuss just about any topic at all, ranging from developmental issues to where the best restaurant in the area is.”

Check out this video below showing the app developers introducing the Saya Mobile IM app:

You can download the Saya app here for Java, Blackberry and Android devices.

[Hat tip: @niyimakinde]

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