‘Broadband Speed In Nigeria Better Than New York City’, Says Wikipedia Founder


You know the Wikipedia and Wikia guy? Yeah, Jimmy or Jimbo, if you like. He’s in Nigeria at the moment and has just ran a speed test on one of Nigeria’s ISPs.

While many Nigerians would disagree, Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales believes that broadband speed in Nigeria “beats” that of New York City.

In a Twitter update posted a few minutes ago, Wales tweeted: “Broadband speed in Nigeria. Beats New York City” with a link to the speedtest result of the ISP, Hyperia Limited which shows it as faster than 97% of speeds in Nigeria with an A+ grade.

Wales arrived Lagos, Nigeria today to speak at the “Youth Marketer Convergence Conference” (YMC 2.0) starting from tomorrow, 27th March to 28th March.

While one would have expected New York City to have a better broadband connectivity given its status as a digitally-driven city, it is surprising that a web pioneer and American Internet entrepreneur would admit to such a fact.

Of course, what most Nigerians have access to is ‘plug ‘n’ pray’ internet services (like the one I’m currently using), it is likely that Wales is using the Hyperia ISP from his hotel room which is expected to be fast.

Update: Jimmy Wales has clarified his earlier tweet saying: “I know this speed is not representative of broadband across Nigeria! But it is real bandwidth and the future!”

Whatever the case, it is ironic that Hyperia isn’t ranked among the top ISPs in Nigeria by NetIndex.

Here’s a screenshot of the speedtest result below:

[Image: Jimmy Wales courtesy of Joi Ito via SocialMedia.biz]

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