Mark Zuckerberg To President Jonathan: ‘Quit Facebook!’ [VIDEO]

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has asked Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan to move his Facebook page to either Myspace or Friendster, despite having 700,000+ fans on the social network.

In an animated video released a few days ago, President Jonathan is seen at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock opening his Facebook page while humming an unknown tune, only to be alarmed by the 32,000 curses placed on his Facebook wall.

“Na-wa-ooo…why are these people just swearing curse on my page na?”, asked Mr. President.

His aide walks in to announce that he has a phone call from Mark Zuckerberg, that “Facebook boy”.

An elated President Jonathan picked the phone: “Mark, my good friend”, and was cut short by an angry Zuckerberg on the other half of the screen wearing a Facebook-inscribed blue tee-shirt in his office.

“Sir, sir, I need you to move your page off Facebook, demanded Zuckerberg, “You can take it to Myspace, Friendster…anywhere dude, just move it bro!”, he added.

“But why?”, asked Mr. President, after a short pause.

And Zuckerberg snapped, “Like dude, the heavy curses on your page are melting our servers mehn! I don’t know what you did to piss those people off, but it’s totally uncool, bro.”

“But, I like Facebook”, President Jonathan said.

After a short pause, an even more infuriated Zuckerberg rattles the President with the Yoruba language, asking him to take his ‘wahala’ (problem) elsewhere. He then hisses and hung up the phone.

Mr. President looking puzzled said: “Na-wa-o!”

We know you’re cracking up already…why not watch the video for yourself below 🙂

[via: OurOwnArea on Youtube]

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