Kenya’s iHub Receives $150,000 Funding From Google

Kenya’s tech and developer community space, iHub today announced that it has received funding of USD $150,000 from Google to support infrastructure developments.

According to iHub,

This funding will help accelerate our mission in catalyzing technology innovations within the iHub by providing them with the infrastructure and skill-sets to fuel their innovations to the next level. 

Over the past two years, the Google-iHub relationship has seen collaborations at events such as Trainings on Google Earth, Fireside Chats with Google’s Marissa Mayer, Office Hours with Bob Aman as well as Hackathons.

With such sessions, both parties have identified areas to work together and strengthen the iHub community further this year.

Google’s Sub Saharan Africa Lead, Joe Mucheru said that the funding is “to help them expand their infrastructure and purchase tools to better serve the developer and academic communities in Kenya.”

Specifically, the funding would be used to expand the iHub’s infrastructure (network and server technology) to provide the tech community with a “sandbox” to host and test their applications.

They also plan to set up a UX testing lab to provide training on design thinking and carry out UX research in the tech world, as well as drive the “ExchangeBoard Project” to support high-quality G+ hangouts and display the latest newsfeeds within the tech community.

The funding would also be used to set up an experimental super-computer cluster environment (“rackspace”) to host data intensive applications with require high performance computing.

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