iROKOtv Launches New Social Sharing Feature Via Facebook Open Graph

When  iROKOtv launched last December and allowed users to sign up or login to watch movies using their Facebook account, we knew it had a bigger social strategy to implement in the future.

Now the Nollywood movies platform has taken a page from Netflix to allow users share and rate what they’re watching via Facebook on its platform. So when you start watching a movie on iROKOtv, the activity will be added to your timeline on Facebook (that is, if you enable sharing option).

I tested out the feature while watching ‘The Return of Jenifa’ and it sure works. The activity showed up on my Facebook timeline. And of course, it showed up on the iROKOtv platform [See image above].

iROKOtv founder, Jason Njoku told me that they worked directly with Facebook in order to push this new social sharing feature out.

While this may not be a novel feature, as services such as Netflix and Spotify already have such social sharing features, it is the first time any Nigerian Internet company would be integrating this Facebook Open Graph tool.

It would be interesting to see how users would interact with this new feature on iROKOtv.

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