EXCLUSIVE: Spinlet Is Planning To Roll-Out Its Music Service Globally This Weekend

Music lovers around the world will soon be able to stream and buy music from Africa on Spinlet, as the premier mobile music download service plans to roll out its service to all users this weekend, a Techloy source has revealed to me.

Since the Spinlet music app launched in early May, its availability has been limited as it only works in Nigeria. While we’ve been waiting for word on when the app will be available in other regions, this news (if true), might just bring smile to the faces of millions of African music lovers worldwide.

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The music app which is currently available in BlackBerry, Android and Symbian will also allow users worldwide to buy both local and international music right from their mobile devices.

Spinlet seems to have taken off well in Nigeria and is reportedly growing at an exponential rate, although it is uncertain what the download figures are currently.

So far, it has seen between 500 and 1000 downloads on the Google Play in the last 30 days, and is estimated to have crossed the 5,000 download mark on Blackberry devices alone.

And that’s only for Nigeria.

It is expected that these numbers will increase, once it becomes available in other regions within the next week. We’ll keep you informed as we know more.

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