LEAKED: Nigerian-Themed Casual Games, Agbero and Ole [PHOTOS]

Nigeria’s gaming startup industry is about to get hotter as cool graphical and artistic photos of upcoming casual games titled Agbero, Ole and Snake has leaked and been made available to TechLoy.

No, they are not from popular social gaming platform, Zynga or recently launched Nigerian gaming startup, Maliyo Games. A source told TechLoy the photos are from a stealth gaming studio out of Lagos, Nigeria.


[Ole pronounced, Oh-lay, means thief in yoruba language]

The image below shows one of the games being developed, Ole, depicting a bearded man on a red tee-shirt and folded grey trousers and torn-on-the-heel rubber flip-flops, holding what appears to be a loaf of  ‘agege’ bread on his right hand and a bag on his left hand, and running away, after possibly stealing those items.


[Agbero pronounced, Agh-gbay-a-row, means tout in yoruba language]

The image below shows what to expect in the Agbero game, which depicts an ugly looking man with pot belly and wearing only a tattered singlet and shorts holding a broken beer bottle on his right hand in what appears to be a motor park or mechanic workshop area. Yeah, you guessed right – he’s a street tout or thug, so brace yourself up as you might as well be playing that character or facing one in the game.


In the photo below, it appears that there would be a game called Snake, which may also have other creeping reptiles and mammals such as rats.

We know we’re only scratching the surface, but we’ll be bringing you more details about this mysterious gaming studio and its upcoming games as we know more.

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