Coming Soon From The Guys That Brought You DealDey, Say Hello To Konga

You’ve probably heard of the soon-to-come online retail site, Konga, by now. What you might not know however is that its coming from the stables of serial media and technology entrepreneur, Sim Shagaya. You know, the guy behind DealDey. While it’s too soon to tell whether this latest release will be a hit, it does have what might be the makings of an e-commerce blockbuster.

My theory is after helping to sell other people’s stuff for just over a year now, DealDey’s Sim Shagaya figures that they are getting pretty good at this and might as well begin to sell their own stuff. Okay, I admit that my theory is a tad too simplistic, but there’s no denying that Konga will benefit immensely from the wealth of experience and sheer street credibility that it took to run Nigeria’s most successful deals and group buying site.

According to their Jobberman listings from a while ago –

Konga will be aggressively building complex warehousing/order fulfillment logistics systems, a strong technical platform, and will carry a wide breadth of inventory that will immediately make it the largest books, dvd, toy and electronics and other category retailer in the country.

Those are fighting words, considering that they are going up against a good number of motivated contenders, most notable of which are the formidable Rocket Internet twins, Kasuwa and Sabunta. While Konga can boast of the home advantage and a resilience that can only come from years of surviving Nigeria’s mercurial business climate, Rocket, on the other hand, has foreign pockets that run deep.

At any rate, we know that Konga is on its way. What we don’t know is when it’ll arrive. I wouldn’t hang back too much if I were them though, every day they delay is another day that the competition grows in strength AND numbers. Frankly, there are so many startups jumping into retail e-commerce that I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t some sort of bubble. But that’s a story for another day.

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