Kenyans Show Series 40 OS Love While Dumping Symbian OS

Kenyans are quickly dumping the Symbian mobile OS for the Series 40 as latest statistics from StatCounter reveals.

According to the stats, the Symbian OS saw about 30% decrease in usage while the Series 40 OS saw about 28% usage increase between April and June 2012 in the East African country.

This news follows a similar trend in Nigeria where the Series 40 has also overtaken the Symbian OS as at June 2012. In Kenya, the Series 40 overtook the Android mobile OS in April 2012 and the Symbian OS in June 2012.

In case you don’t know, Series 40 is the world’s most widely used mobile platform and found in hundreds of millions of devices. Officially introduced in 1999, over 1.5 billion Series 40 devices have reportedly been sold as at January 2012.

The Series 40 mobile OS owes its success to its simplicity, responsiveness and speed compared to the Symbian S60 OS on similar hardware, although it lacks multi-tasking functionality and native 3rd party apps.