Nokia’s Series 40 Mobile OS Overtakes Symbian OS in Nigeria [STATS]

Nokia’s Series 40 has overtaken Symbian as the most used mobile operating system in Nigeria for the first time, according to latest statistics from StatCounter.

In case you don’t know, Series 40 is the world’s most widely used mobile platform and found in hundreds of millions of devices. Officially introduced in 1999, over 1.5 billion Series 40 devices have reportedly been sold as at January 2012.

Last October, when Nokia announced the West African version of its “Create for Millions” global competition that brings consumers and developers together to create applications for Nokia’s Series 40 mobile phones, it seemed likely that the OS would gradually replace the Symbian OS.

Six months later in April 2012, the Series 40 OS saw about 9% of usage in Nigeria and surged to about 34% in May 2012. As at June 2012, the Series 40 OS has officially overtaken the Symbian OS as the most used mobile operating system in Nigeria with 40.5% compared with Symbian’s 34.09% in the same month. [See the graph below]

The Series 40 mobile OS owes its success to its simplicity, responsiveness and speed compared to the Symbian S60 OS on similar hardware, although it lacks multi-tasking functionality and native 3rd party apps.

It also supports two app development environments: Java ME which gives developers the ability to create apps that require high performance, such as games; and Series 40 web apps, which are enabled through the Nokia Browser for Series 40, and offers straightforward delivery of web-centric applications with a rich user experience.

At the Mobile World Congress in March 2012, Nokia announced three new phones in its Nokia Asha range of series 40 feature phones including Asha 302, Asha 203, and Asha 202 which targeted at entry level market.

From the latest statistics, it is clear that these phones have been received well in the Nigerian market within the past three months which has resulted in a surge in the usage of the Nokia Series 40 mobile OS.

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