Africa’s Biggest Innovation Fair Comes To Lagos This November

As the world celebrates the most diverse showcase of creativity and innovation at Maker Faire New York later this month, African ingenuity would be harnessed and showcased in Lagos at this years’ Maker Faire Africa.

Now in its 4th year, Maker Faire Africa is a celebration of African ingenuity, innovation and creation ranging from time-saving devices for agriculture to alternative energy sources from design with recycled objects to social media applications for mobile phones.

Since 2009, Maker Faire Africa has been cultivating the spirit of ‘making’ throughout the African continent with exhibitions previously held in Accra (2009), Nairobi (2010) and Cairo (2011) which gathered innovators, artists and tinkerers to an exhibition of low-tech and high-tech ideas, inventions, hacks and hardware designs for some of the continent’s most important challenges and opportunities.

While locally-made inventions are hardly sought after or supported in this part of the world, inventions such as Tolulope Iroye’s Magic Box and Mubarak Mohammed Abdulahi’s home-made helicopter could very well be on showcase at the event.

Maker Faire Africa 2012 is expected to take place on November 5 & 6 in Ikeja, Lagos, so if you’re a ‘maker’ still in the University or Polytechnic or have a flair for building stuff, why not attend the event.

You can also visit the Maker Faire Africa website to see what other ingenious African ‘makers’ have created.

[Image of locally fabricated radio station: courtesy of Whiteafrican via Flickr | Image of Maker Faire Africa Lagos by Senongo Akpem]

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