Online Payment Service, Eyowo Down For Past 24 Hours; Leaves Merchants In The Dark

Local online payment start-up, Eyowo has been down for past 24 hours or so, several sources have revealed to TechLoy. The cause of the downtime was unknown at the time of writing this post.

One of the merchant partners of Eyowo told TechLoy that the downtime which occurred on Sunday has affected their business saying that a couple of clients who wanted to make payments via their website couldn’t use Eyowo, so they had to be channelled to use bank deposits.

According to him, “clients won’t understand its Eyowo, they complain about the reliablity of our service for this.”

Another merchant said that this is not the first time that Eyowo is experiencing such a downtime and noted that the company has yet to communicate to its merchants about the cause or provide any updates on the service outage.

The company’s earlier downtime was in February this year which lasted for about 10 days, citing that the issue was due to the implementation of a fraud management strategy which resulted in the decision to minimise the transaction of recharge and instant gratification customers.

It is unclear how many merchants Eyowo has on its service and what the cost of the downtime would mean for its merchants partners. While this may not really be much as Eyowo has very few clients, one wonders if these merchants would be reimbursed for the downtime.

We’re also not sure whether merchant funds and data would be secured following this downtime or if this was an attack on the payments start-up.

Eyowo launched last year to be your one-stop shop for everything electronic payments, but with its terrible merchant relations, bad customer service, and incessant downtimes, the company seems to be telling its merchants to go screw themselves.

We’ve reached out to Eyowo for their comment and will update this post if we get any further details.

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