Nigeria And South Africa Are Top 10 Growing Countries On Facebook [September 2012]

According to the latest Facebook statistics from Socialbakers, Nigeria and South Africa ranked among the top 10 growing countries on the social networking site in September 2012.

Facebook growth in Nigeria saw over 720,000 user growth with a growth rate of 14.09% over the last month, while that of South Africa witnessed over 690,000 user jump with 12.96% growth rate.

South Africa (with over 6 million Facebook users) currently ranked as the 2nd most populous Facebook country in Africa after Egypt has, previously seen decrease in its Facebook user numbers in the past months. On the other hand, Nigeria (with 5.8 million Facebook users) which ranks as the 3rd largest Facebook country in Africa has experienced steady growth in the past six months.

According to Socialbakers, Indonesia had the highest increase with an impressive 7, 604, 380 user jump over the last month with a 19.14% growth rate, thus making it the fastest growing country in September 2012.

The second place spot went to India with a 3, 169, 180 user growth increase and the United States followed with a 2, 515, 400 increase in user growth in the same month.

Other countries with huge growth in its Facebook users are: Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam and Russia.

[Via: SocialBakers]

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