Nigeria’s Biggest Website, Nairaland Sees Over 12 Million Pageviews Monthly

Seun Osewa

The most popular website in Nigeria, Nairaland has released details about its site’s traffic report for the first time ever which is quite revealing.

According to the stats, Nairaland saw 12,500,698 ad-enabled PC page impressions on desktop computers in 31 days and 403,248 PC impressions on an average day for the month of August 2012.

Following the launch of its mobile-enabled site, the traffic to its mobile site also saw 13,544,242 ad-enabled mobile page impressions on mobile devices in 31 days and 436,911 mobile impressions per day.

The website founded by Seun Osewa as a forum back in 2005 has now grown to become a leading source of information and entertainment, featuring news, sports, technology, culture, politics, religion, career, business, education and much more.

The site has close to a million users, although most of them have multiple user accounts.

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  • Tunde

    Now that Google Ad Serving has been Disabled for Nairaland, He should tell us his genius plans on monetization. I know how much Nairaland has relied on Google ads in the past. I remember contacting them twice for Advertising last year but I never got a reply. Now Nairaland is filled with “This Space is for Sale”

    Its funny to see Seun is beginning to do some publicity, desperate to get the attention of the bakers. Nairaland and Nairalist were both Nigeria’s top performing sites few years ago but it never evolved. So Sad

    Now that Nairaland is growing old and weak, grandpa is trying to wear loafers.

  • eventiso

    I think its a good time to switch to his own ad engine, we now have more Nigerian businesses online (even international brand with interest here would profit from this), and being able to control the ads would be an advantage to him. And I don’t know of any other Nigerian forum performing better than nairaland, if you know any do share

  • Oluseye

    Nice! I’m not a Nairaland user but most of my peers, even those relocated from the Abroads, that are used to better UIs or websites, say they find it utterly invaluable. I personally never liked forums here or abroad. It’s just not the way I like information presented to me. Seems an overload. But Nigerians like it. They get it. Seun, don’t move too fast in upgrading the UI (don’t move too slow either). Study what your users are saying they like about the forum-style and evolve it. Mobile is key too, but don’t just make a mobile version. Take what you learn and build a great UI/UX. There are so many social and commercial dynamics at work on your site that you are either not aware of or you’re not monetising. One example is the marketplace dynamic of nairland. So much informal business occurs linking supply to demand! I know this from my surprise at how many of my ‘hustler’ friends I know use it to make great business here and there. As @mattcohler says Mobile Marketplaces are the next big things. You are in a good position to build something really big. But you need to get the right team together. Don’t try to do everything yourself. And don’t go with the hundreds of peeps, like me, who say they get it :). Take a stand and stand by it, success of failure.

  • Tunde

    You didn’t read my comment very well or probably didn’t understand its context. I blamed Nairaland for their over reliance on Google Ads, and its lack of flexibility, its like putting all your eggs inside one Basket.

    Check out other publishers like Bella, linda, Vanguard, they don’t do much as Nairaland yet they are flexible enough to sell ad spaces on their site and do adsense as well. I have never seen a local ad on Nairaland till now, I hardly read about them on tech sites. Its just sad that Nairaland is now the one playing catchup. #latecomer

  • Frank

    Lol! Tunde you no go kill man with laughter. On a more serious note you nailed it. Exactly what most people felt or were treated back in the days. I wish him well though. The market is getting tougher and tougher.

  • Frank

    So on point. Seun lacked business management skills or rather failed to hire somebody with one. Nairaland has so much potentials. Even till date Seun does not see them.

  • Seun Osewa

    Dear Mr. Tunde, I apologize for not replying your mail. It may have bounced or ended up in my spam filter. It could also be that I didn’t know how to reply it, and decided to reply it later, and then promptly forgot. The flesh is indeed weak!

    My decision to monetize Nairaland directly is not due to desperation. Nairaland can survive for an extremely long time without making any money. I just wasn’t ready to subject Nairaland members to the stricter censorship that would have been required to get the ad serving re-enabled, so I decided to try this instead. It turns out that I really enjoy helping advertisers with their ad campaigns, so we’ll see …

  • Seun Osewa

    We don’t believe in splashing ads all over the place. We display 2 ad blocks on every page – one before the content, and one after. We don’t believe in killing the user experience just to make money.

  • Seun Osewa

    Nobody can truly know the potential of a site. The only thing we know for sure that Nairaland can achieve is what it has already achieved. Many businesses do collapse after over-reaching. E.g. Digg.

  • eventiso

    well said. In your earlier response ‘digg’ I almost thought you were conceding defeat, but its clear

  • Adesoji Adegbulu

    True response Seun. There is time for everything. I remembered the time we chatted on Skype and you told me about what Nairaland is now. The truth is, there is still mre things to be done but dont over push it.Now that you are monetizing Nairaland via direct ads, I am so sure that you will make money than what adsense can offer.

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  • mambenanje

    On the contrary nairaland can make more money as not many Nigerian or African businesses use Adwords… in essence he could do direct acquisition of advertisement by partnering with top marketing agencies and handle them some web inventory… which they could pay on monthly basis and they inturn resell… there are alot of ways to get Glo, Airtel, Etisalat, Jobberman, Njorku, etc to advertise now on nairaland… the credit card barrier is cut off

  • Satin Ayeole

    saw a review of nairaland @ . the forum – in my opinion- is big but it wont be for long unless they do some major upgrades. ICT has gone way beyond what you see @ nairaland. they gotthis big due to little competition.. but competition is now here