Leading Technology Influencers, Artists And Entertainers To Converge At TEDxVictoriaIsland


The luxurious Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island is set to play host to another mind-blowing TEDx conference in Lagos, Nigeria this week, following the success of independently organized TED events that debuted in Nigeria in July 2010.

You would recall that the first TEDx event in Lagos was held in Victoria Island on July 9 and since then, other TED-like events have followed including TEDxAbuja in July 2010, TEDxIfe in April 2012 and TEDxIkoyi in May 2012.

TED conferences gather the world’s leading thinkers and doers who are devoted to the converging fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design and have become “the ultimate brain spa” for everyone who participates.

In fact, what adds to the excitement and inspiration is an extraordinary audience and speaker line-up made up of Internet pioneers, entrepreneurs, movie producers, architects, creative directors, CEOs, authors, investors, celebrities, philanthropists and thought leaders.

Following his participation at 2011′s annual TEDGlobal Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, Femi Akinde, a TED fellow and founder of SlimTrader is bringing together world-changing innovators in Lagos for what could become an annual event to raise awareness for their remarkable work.

TEDxVictoriaIsland is expected to help spread ideas and advance the discourse on innovation and creativity thereby providing a platform where the smartest thinkers, greatest visionaries and most fascinating teachers will not only inspire others, but also be filled with a similar sense of wonder and urgency to shape the future.

Speakers would include Chukwuemeka Afigbo of Google, Obi Asika of Storm Records, Sim Shagaya of Dealdey, Mitchell Elegbe of Interswitch and Tomi Davies of TVCLabs.

TEDxVictoriaIsland which is being sponsored by Microsoft, Nokia, Google Interswitch and Slimtrader would hold at on Friday, October 12, 2012 between 10am – 10pm at the External Ballroom of the Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island.

Tickets are available via the event website, but if you can’t make it, you can watch online via its Google+ live-stream.

Image: Femi Akinde: by James Duncan Davidson/TED (via: Flickr)

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  • Oko tiwa

    is the event free loy?

  • http://twitter.com/NealeGarrison Neale Garrison

    It is truly a travesty how this dubious character Femi Akinde can creep around the world lying to people with a straight face. Femi Akinde is a fraud and SlimTrader is a hoax — a mere conduit for this vile human being to siphon funds from witless offshore investors in the name of social enterprise.
    Research this Ponzi criminal Femi and his reprobate activities thoroughly, and then come to an informed conclusion. Vet his credentials. Validate the claims behind the faux technology that he did not create. Ask for receipts. Ask for partners. Ask how long he has operated this faux enterprise, and ask for concrete results. Check United States court records. You will certainly be shocked if not completely disgusted at your findings.
    Whatever you do, be well advised not to fall victim to this pathological liar and cold-blooded sociopath and his elaborate schemes.

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  • roken

    Neale Garrison aka Scott Broussard, you have the same writing style. You can create many aliases to start flame wars but please don’t use the internet to spread your lies.