Microsoft To Officially Unveil Windows 8 in Nigeria On Oct. 30

Microsoft is set to officially announce the launch of its Windows 8 operating system in Nigeria at a press conference in Ikoyi, Lagos on Oct. 30, although it may not be available commercially until November 6 when the company would be holding its annual Open Door event in Lagos.

Update: Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 on November 6 at its Open Door event in Lagos, Nigeria.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest Operating System (OS) described as the most well-researched, well-planned Windows release ever designed to simplify the things we do every day on our PCs.

The event would formally introduce Windows 8 to the media in a relaxed atmosphere, with practical hands-on demonstrations to highlight its features and benefits and provide answers to key questions.

Techloy has been invited to the press event and we’ll be providing more updates soon.

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