Rocket Internet’s Online Food Delivery Service Debuts in Nigeria

The last time Rocket Internet was in the news was when it received an undisclosed significant amount of funding from J.P. Morgan, just a month after it merged its two e-commerce offerings, Kasuwa and Sabunta to form Jumia.

Now, the company has just launched its online food delivery service called FoodPanda HelloFood (for the lack of a better word), which is headquatered in Lagos and expected to launch in other cities in Nigeria and around Africa.

We wonder why Rocket chose that seemingly distasteful name instead of adopting the name of its internationally known online food delivery service, FoodPanda, which is headquartered in Singapore but also available in Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Anyway, the service claims to have more than 30 restaurants signed up in Lagos already in Ikeja, Ikoyi, Lekki and Victoria Island and allows customers to choose from their favourite restaurants, order for food in a few clicks and have it delivered to them at the office or home for as low as N200 and as high as N1,000.

But the site doesn’t say how long it would take to deliver your food, although it would also depend on the restaurant’s logistics and delivery service. Yet, given that its sister company, Jumia hasn’t been great with order processing and delivery, don’t bet on them to process your order faster and deliver on time.

You might as well just grab gala and la casera while you wait for your food.


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