EXCLUSIVE: Jumia Nigeria Reportedly Fires Its Head of Marketing


Rocket Internet’s e-commerce venture, Jumia Nigeria has reportedly fired one of its key staff, Uche Ajene who was the company’s Head of Marketing until last Wednesday, Techloy has learned.

A Techloy source told me that Ms. Ajene was laid off following her inability to meet sales targets which she allegedly set for the e-commerce operation. Ajene joined Jumia in August 2012 from MIH Internet Africa where she worked as Marketing Manager for the company’s Nigeria operations, Kalahari and Dealfish between July 2010 and July 2012.

Prior to this, Ajene has worked as a Marketing Specialist for Interra Networks Inc. in the U.S and describes herself as a proactive manager and tactical planner with extensive experience conceptualizing and executing marketing communication campaigns for end users, media and other consumers.

In early September, Rocket Internet laid-off about 50 of its staff in both of its operations in Nigeria in a consolidation move, mostly involved with support functions saying that it was ‘outsourcing’ those support functions in a move to restructure its operations.

The company freezed up its firing spree as it recruited some staff recently, some of whom were ex-employees of Kalahari Nigeria, a Naspers-owned e-commerce service that was shut down last October.

But this news comes as no surprise as the company is seen as fast at shutting down an unsuccessful idea as it is at copying a successful one. And for a company that is as fast at firing its employees as it is at hiring them, Rocket Internet may just be a nightmarish place to work.

Would you work for such a company? Let us know your thoughts…

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  • http://myOnePage.com/Oo Oo Nwoye


    You realise that you are writing about a human being right? The proper thing to have done would be to confirm your story and speak to all parties *before* writing a post (if you must) that slanders someone. Fairness and balance is what good reporting is about. It applies to gossip stories too.

    Except you have an undisclosed agenda, you have no good reason to put Uche’s name in such a title. You could have still told a story about Jumia having high staff turnover without attempting to damage a young person’s reputation.

    I hope you see reason with my position and rectify accordingly.

  • B.Olagunju

    This is pure defamation of character, its not acceptable at all, you bloggers should please get a life. Do you even have to include her name and picture in the post? You should be sued for this. This post was just too personal, and its very unprofessional of you. You people should get adequate information before putting up posts.

  • http://www.loyokezie.com/ Loy

    Oo Nwoye There are no graphic images here. I have been fired too and have made it known publicly. And it didn’t damage my reputation. Same as Yahoo CEO, Carol Bartz and other notable people.

    Thanks for the lecture on journalistic ethics though, but I’m not a journalist.

  • Yemisi

    Which reputation are you talking about, did you even have any reputation before? (Who know you), you’re just a jobless “Linda Ikeji Wannabe”

  • http://www.loyokezie.com/ Loy

    That’s better than being a troll :)

  • Goddon

    Get a life dude

  • danny phills

    Come all Nigerians should relax…if you are an executive in a big corporation and you get axed or fired..There is no defamation whatsoever if its posted online and the story is legit. we see these firings daily on all sites..be it techcrunch,techloy,wired etc..the only thing is..Loy you should have gone a lil easy on her as per your co nigerian..but on reporting this..you have my blessings..i’ve bin fired many things in my life and it does not change nothing..

  • http://www.loyokezie.com/ Loy

    Do you know the meaning of defamation?

  • Isaac Oklobia

    What are you feeling like? A Journalist because you blog? Go learn how to report properly and stop posting people’s pictures

  • dedayoa

    Unless the story is unconfirmed, I’m sure those who commented about how wrong this post is, now know better…IMO, u guys come off sounding like you’d had a grudge with loy and had just been waiting for an opportunity to pounce…

  • Chika

    People get hired and fired daily and it’s no big deal. Worked with her in 2011 and truth be told, shes an extremely rude individual. This is no surprise.

  • Chika

    Good question

  • Dave

    Second, Good Quetion

  • seyitaylor

    I do believe that the term you’re looking for is “laid-off” not “layed-off”, but I may be wrong.

  • adeleke

    The real jist here is the foreign company that expects to colonise Nigeria in one quater. As for reporting the firing, i commend Loy. He has probably saved a few Nigerians from commiting career suicide.

  • sj

    Uche is a great Marketer with awesome ideas.
    Ecommerce is still a harsh environment in Nigeria so targets have to be
    realistic. I wish her well in her new endeavors. My advice… Uche, just start
    ur own startup. Take the experiences of working at these structured, moneyed
    ecommerce operations and add ur own spice… mix… make ur own money!

  • Robbie

    Loy you have some spare time to respond to all this, i dont see how Linda Ikeji connect to techloy, that’s the only thing that force me to type the respond, who ever is angry with the report should hit his head

  • Robbie

    Adeleke u r making sense, Nigerians who hold their job tight before a new e-comerce who has not seen a kobo yet promise to pay 1m a month then fire or shut down their operation in few months, i have seen it happen to pple in kalahari, i was their online consultant, thank God i didnt resign to work with them fully

  • Jon

    She should have known anyway, that she was gonna be fired. She made an horrible decision to leave her former employer. A friend of mine was fired some months back. Their jobs are limited contract(through an agency) with possibility of being fired anytime if you don’t meet the targets. They don’t even care if your degree is from Stanford or Yale.

  • Jaja

    Loy, I don’t doubt that your intentions in writing the post are not malicious. However, there is something that is just not right about the article. She is not holding a position in a publicly traded/owned company (correct me if I am wrong), hence your article encroaches on her personal life. She was fired and your article cites her incompetence in meeting targets as the prime reason. Do you think that is a neutral article when it comes to her next employer researching on her? The article is great but the use of her name is a bit tasteless. Same reason why employers don’t put up profiles of fired people on their sites. Firing someone is a very sensitive event and should be treated as such. Forget about your Yahoo CEO comparisons. They don’t hold water for a young lady trying to make her way up.

  • Dele Odufuye

    What are these people talking about? Why take it personal? What is wrong with being fired?

    A bad boss fires good people.
    A good boss fires bad people.

    We have all read through this week on Mashable, Techcrunch, Yahoo, etc that “Apple fires Scott Forstall over failure to sign Maps apology”

    Should Forstall take it P with every tech blogger across the world for the info.

    BTW, Linda writes just about anything for ads, like “Cats are raping goats in Bariga”
    I don’t think this blog site is about that same thing.

    If he writes that Ms. Ajene, from bla bla bla, US this, UK that is hired to take Jumai to the next level, we will all shout, LOY HAS COLLECTED MONEY TO PROMOTE HER, whats the big deal in someone being hired? Whats the news in that? But you will all take time to read what you read in Mashable and read also in Techcrunch and 3 other blogs that Facebook has hired “Mr. Just Anybody”

    Why not start a blog?

  • Silas

    - A false accusation of an offence or a malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words or actions

    - An abusive attack on a person’s character or good name

    @B.Olagunju . That the meaning and with the use of that adjective “pure” ….it doesn’t fit @all …

    @Evry1 . Loy is doing a great job via this blog; one tiny mistake doesn’t make him a bad guy and moreover no one is perfect. So please take it easy on him. Biko.

  • http://www.facebook.com/osewa Oluwaseun Osewa

    Don’t feel sorry for Ms. Ajene. She will bounce back in no time! Next: Google?

  • Seyispy

    Techloy has issues! Very unprofessional !

  • Adewale Lagos

    Guy, your writings and insinuations present you like the kind of
    Nigerians that am completely against, the kind that finds themselves in
    government, steal from it, got caught and believes it’s a normal thing.
    am highly disappointed in you.

    “She was fired and your article cites her incompetence in meeting targets
    as the prime reason. Do you think that is a neutral article when it
    comes to her next employer researching on her? The article is great but
    the use of her name is a bit tasteless. Same reason why employers don’t
    put up profiles of fired people on their sites.” i can clearly see you think from your ass. was she fired or not? yes she was, i bet she over promised and under delivered. #lesson

  • Henry

    Loy, I thank you a great deal for this information. Have forwarded my CV to Jumia, hoping to be called for an interview, now I know better. As for those saying you are attacking someone’s character, I guess they’re still living in the past, and don’t want to face reality. Cos even professionals get fired sometimes, so it’s no big deal.

  • http://www.muondo.org muondo

    incroyable. Bravo.