2go Seeks Developers To Build For Android, Blackberry And iOS Smartphones

Following its successful feature phone app which has become ubiquitous in Africa, 2go, a popular instant messaging service is seeking to grow its team of software developers as it heads for smartphones.

With over 10 million active users who send more than 6 billion messages monthly, mostly on lower-end feature phones in Nigeria and South Africa, the secret of 2go’s success has been its careful attention to user needs and a rock-solid technical foundation, especially due to high data costs in Africa.

But while feature phones have been an incredibly successful platform for the IM service, the company’s co-founders, Alan Wolff and Ashley Peter say “now is the right time to start extending to iOS, Blackberry and Android platforms as well.”

Owing to the growth of smartphones in Africa and its recent rapid user growth, the company is now actively recruiting new developers who want to change the world to assist in making the 2go app available on smartphones.

Wolff notes that building the 2go app for smartphones would be less complex when compared to feature phones, since they’ve experienced challenges with their back-end systems while ensuring that they are fast, reliable and efficient.

According to Wolff, the most interesting challenges in software development are not necessarily the most glamorous. He adds: “We’re solving problems at the level of millions of users, which makes for a stimulating technical challenge. We’re also enriching lives by providing affordable, entertaining communication.”

2go’s largest competitor, Mxit is available on BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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