If You Get An SMS Asking You To Buy Recharge Card And Enter The Pin Code On MTNBonus.com, Be Wary

When you’re a telecoms company that is gradually becoming a lottery company, with bold promotional campaigns that wants you to win an aeroplane, it’s likely that some people might want to follow your path.

It turns out that a website called MTNBonus.com (not affiliated with MTN) has taken the company’s…err…lottery business to the next level. According to a source, the website promises that you would win N50,000 if you enter N3,000 worth of MTN recharge card on the portal.

Of course, the website makes you believe that it is genuine with the MTN logo brandished on the backdrop and box in the middle asking you to enter your winning code.

But before then, you might get an SMS asking you buy a recharge card and enter a four-digit PIN code on the website in order to win the bounty.

Our advice: DON’T.

[H/T: @jesseoguns]

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