Global IP Connectivity Provider, SkyVision Establishes VSAT Hubs In Key African Markets

Following its recent expansion into Africa, SkyVision, a leading global provider of IP connectivity over satellite and fibre optic systems, announced today that it will continue expanding its local presence across Africa.

As part of an ongoing expansion plans, the company has established a local office and teleport in South Africa in order to respond to South African businesses requiring high quality communication services over fibre, wireless and satellite to Africa and from Africa.

Through its newly established VSAT hubs in Nigeria, DRC, Kenya and Zimbabwe, SkyVision provides reliable VPN connectivity used by a variety of private companies and government entities to extend their services to remote communities in Africa which are not reached terrestrially.

SkyVision is able to provide its customers with satellite communication services through utilization of about 10 different satellites — Amos-5, AfricaSat-1, IS-14, IS-25, IS-702, NSS-10, T11N and EUTELSAT 10A (W2A) — in Africa.

In August 2012, the company acquired Afinis, a leading provider of connectivity solutions in francophone Africa, further establishing itself as one of the largest and most dynamic satellite service providers on the continent.

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