Interswitch’s Webpay Platform Gets Its First WordPress Plugin


Nigeria’s leading payment processing gateway, Interswitch now has its first WordPress plugin, thanks to a UK developer, Sean Barton.

The WordPress plugin allows you to integrate the Interswitch WebPay platform with the Nigerian currency (Naira) on your WooCommerce-enabled site. Thus, you can now transform any WordPress website into a full-fledged e-commerce store that accepts payments.

According to Barton, “I was commissioned by a Nigerian to write it and have been working with Interswitch to get it right.”

Describing how the plugin works he noted that it sends the user off to Interswitch to enter their payment information and redirects them back to the site with their information and sends their request to the Interswitch server which returns the payment status.

“If the status is positive then the order is set to Processed and the purchase process completed pending dispatch of the item(s)”, Barton adds, but “if the request returns an error, then the message is presented to the user in conjunction with a ‘try again’ link which sends them off to Interswitch to enter their information again as per the requirements set out by Interswitch.”

The developer, however mentioned that it was difficult to implement due to Interswitch’s poor documentation and archaic methods.

If you’re an online business, developer or entrepreneur looking to enable a payment system on a WordPress site, you need to have both the WooCommerce Interswitch WebPay plugin installed and activated and an account with Interswitch WebPay.

The developer is currently working on integrating other Nigerian payment services such as Eyowo and VoguePay with their own WordPress plugins.

[H/T: @supersanusi via TechSuplex]

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