Hands-On With Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone [VIDEO]

Nokia Lumia 820

The Nokia Lumia 820 was officially unveiled on Tuesday in Lagos, Nigeria and we provided extensive coverage via our live-blog.

In a nut shell, the device is available exclusively to MTN Nigeria (for a period of 3 months) with 6-months free data and comes with Nokia’s wireless charging package for N82,000 only.

While we hope to do a detailed review in a future post, here’s a quick video showing our first hands-on experience with the Lumia 820 Windows Phone during the launch event on November 20 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our first impressions are that the device is rock solid, smooth and sleek. It also offers a great value for money and we feel that it would sell more than its companion, the Lumia 920.

However, we feel that it being sold exclusively on the MTN network might slow its sales until after it becomes available to other networks in Nigeria in the next three months or so.

But hey, if you want to be among the first persons to own the smartphone, you can as well pre-order now at any MTN store, although you’ll have to wait till December to get your hands on it.

Otherwise, just wait till January 2013 when it would likely be available on other networks.

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  • Texazzpete

    An 820 x 480 resolution device, running WP8 doesn’t seem like ‘great value for money’ for N82000…especially as it’s LOCKED to MTN network. The quad core galaxy S III rings in at around N88k in Lagos these days…and is much more powerful….and unlocked to all networks.
    Nokia sure isn’t pricing these things to sell…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Otihi1 Emmanuel Otihi

    Why is it available to only MTN Nigeria. Anyways i have not gotten the chance to touch this particular one.I don’t even know the price,

  • http://twitter.com/MrBankole Lordbanks

    They aren’t locked to the MTN network, you just get to be one of the first to own one if you pre-order from them, as well some exclusive bonuses like free internet and a wireless charger. They should be available to the general market by early next year.