Don’t Tweet, Just Shoot. TwoAside Is The Twitter For Football Fans


If you’re a football fan who’ve always wanted a social platform other than Twitter to connect with your fellow club fans or tackle fans of other clubs, a new startup called Twoaside has launched in public beta.

Twoaside describes itself as a “social communication tool” which targets fans and followers of the game of football.  Think Twitter for football rants and rambles with 140 character posts called ‘Shots’.

On Twoaside, each user has a “Pitch” (that looks somewhat like a Twitter timeline) where all shots taken by the user, their “cohorts” (or followers), and in which they, their club, or any other club they “eavesdrop” on are displayed.

The platform gets more interesting as your “shot” could be scored by another user, who finds it to be on point and then it could be counted as a goal (more like a retweet), but if any user disagrees with your “shot”, they could “tackle” it by commenting on it.

Fans can also “connect” with each other irrespective of the clubs they follow and send private messages between themselves.

Twoaside’s CEO, Ugwu Chika who had the idea of the platform since 2008 but only started  development in mid-2011 with the first version released for alpha testing in September 2011, tells us that the company’s vision is to provide a platform that would eventually become a reference point for interaction among millions of football fans worldwide, starting with Nigeria.

According to him, Twoaside was not built on any social networking frameworks, whether commercial or open-source, rather all the platform’s codes, apart from some Javascript plugins used, were built from the scratch using PHP, with a MySQL back-end, including interface designs.

Although the platform is still at it’s most basic functionality yet, it is definitely one of the most usable and most interactive social platforms to come out of Nigeria yet.

With loads of other features still on the offing, such as uploading and sharing videos, photos, a chat module, mobile apps for Android, Blackberry OS, and Windows Phone 8, it is expected that Twoaside would enable football fans in Nigeria and around the world to express themselves better while having access to a hotspot to discover and share current news, views, videos, pictures, analysis, live content and statistics on the game.

While the platform is still in beta, I’m not expecting it to have all the features I’d love to experience yet as long as it allows me to share my thoughts in real-time during a football match just like Djoss.

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