Hands-On With DStv Mobile iDrifta For iOS Devices [PHOTOS]

We recently showed you a hands-on video of one of DStv’s latest mobile TV devices, the Walka 7 which is a second version of the company’s innovative 3.5-inch screen Walka device launched in January 2012.

The South African Pay TV channel also has the iDrifta, a mobile TV device that allows you watch TV exclusively on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch devices.

The iDrifta  is lightweight and ultra portable and connects to any iOS device via its 30-pin connector and is rechargeable using a USB cable with up to three hours of viewing.

Here are some photos from my hands-on experience with the mobile TV device on the iPhone 4S.

During my hands-on experience, the iDrifta worked perfectly except for a few network coverage glitches. Once I slotted the iDrifta into the 30-pin connector on my iPhone 4S, it quickly opened a box that showed that the DStv Mobile application needed to be installed.

Within a few minutes, I installed the free app from the App Store and it automatically started searching for and connecting to the channels on DStv Mobile.

In less than 2 minutes, it displayed the available 15 channels, although I couldn’t view any of them as I needed to call customer care and provide my DStv smart card number and other details, just as you would if your DStv subscription was expired and your channels scrambled.

Of course, my DStv subscription had not expired, but since the iDrifta had to be linked to my DStv account before I can start viewing the available channels, it required some set-up from DStv’s customer care agents.

After a few minutes, my DStv account, including the smart card number had been linked to the iDrifta and DStv Mobile so I could now watch the available channels on my DStv bouquet. By the way, I’m subscribed to their Compact Plus bouquet, so I can only view 13 out of 15 channels for now.

DStv selected only 15 channels including movies (4), music (2), sports (4), news (3), cartoon (1) and wildlife (1) to feature on its mobile decoder ranges. That’s a very small number, in my opinion, and doesn’t really provide you with more viewing options.

My guess is that the company would be adding more channels in the future for its mobile device subscribers or we might see a feature that provides all of its channels for a particular bouquet and allow its subscribers to choose and pay for the extra channels they want per month.

While we wait to see what happens in the future, it would be cool to get more value for your monthly DStv subscription with the iDrifta, that is, if you own an iOS mobile device, since it currently allows you watch TV on your iOS device with your existing DStv subscription.


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