Ghana’s Parliamentary Monitoring Site, Odekro Awarded $15,000 Grant

Odekro, Ghana’s social platform for monitoring the activities of its Members of Parliament (MPs), has been awarded a grant of £9,200 (about $15,000) from the Indigo Trust, a UK-based foundation.

The funding is expected to be used to develop the platform further as the country looks ahead to its presidential and parliamentary elections taking place on December 7.

The platform’s goal is to use technology to promote transparency and public participation and to keep a keen eye on public officials, especially members of parliament, by providing the public online access to bills, motions, and parliamentary debates.

Built by Hutspace, a Ghanaian web development company,  in collaboration with mySociety, Odekro wants to act like the lowest sub-divisional chief responsible for ruling a town and making sure the citizens are taken care of.

It believes that since Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected to serve constituencies, its role would be to monitor them and make sure the interests of the citizens of those constituencies are being put into consideration.

The platform also provides tools that allow discussions as they’re being debated in the Parliament, as well as report issues affecting their constituencies, comment on on-going projects in their constituencies, follow the specific issues the MPs for their constituencies are contributing to in Parliament.

Odekro’s project lead, Emmanuel Okyere, hopes that MPs would become more open, and engage with citizens, answering their questions and providing information on on-going projects and interacting generally with the citizens they represent, even though they do so through their designated aides.

The Indigo Trust is a grant making foundation that funds technology-driven projects to bring about social change, largely in African countries. The Trust focuses mainly on innovation, transparency and citizen empowerment.

Previously, it has awarded grants of £5,000 each to some Nigerian social entreprise projects.

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