Apple’s Newly Opened iStore At Ikeja Mall To Provide Training


One of Apple’s authorised resellers in Nigeria, iStore has opened the first Apple iStore at the Ikeja Mall in Lagos, following its success in South Africa.

While the iStore was designed to make it convenient for Nigerians to purchase Apple products and accessories, it would also provide free training to consumers on Apple products, including its hardware and software.

Apple customers would be able to register for training sessions where they would learn how to download, sync and use applications on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac products.

There would also be hands-on sessions where first time Mac users would go through the basics of using a Mac, such as learning how to swipe and drag their way through all the important Mac programmes.

Users who would like to learn how to use Apple’s pre-installed app for organising and editing photos, iPhoto can also benefit from the training.

The Executive Director of the iStore, Rutger-Jan Spaandonk, says it is part of the value added solutions Apple consumers would get for choosing Apple products.

As part of its official opening, the iStore at the Ikeja Shopping Mall is offering customers exciting prizes such as iPads, iPods, headphones and laptop bags if they visit the iStore this weekend to buy an iPad or Mac.

Apple iStores are also available in South Africa, India and other parts of the world, although they are not regarded as official Apple stores.

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