Run A Startup? Let TechLoy Give Your Startup A Pivot!

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We’re suckers for start-ups! In fact, they are the reason we exist and provide us with inspiration to get us going here at TechLoy.

That’s why we’re proud to have covered more start-ups than all the other technology sites in Africa put together. Still, there are loads of other start-ups that need exposure and we’re once again happy to give them a pivot.

Starting from today, December 15 to January 16, 2013, we’re offering 16 start-ups launched within the past 12 months an opportunity to promote their products on the homepage of one of the leading technology sites in Africa.

Because we know that most start-ups are bootstrapped and as such may not be willing and able to pay for adverts, is offering them a great opportunity to promote their start-up without a dime.

Back in June 2011 and December 2011, we offered about 15 start-ups this same opportunity to get their products noticed with a banner ad that ran for about 10 weeks combined.

What was the outcome? Yeah, you guessed right – it was huge exposure for these start-ups!

TechLoy’s pivot offer is ONLY available to start-ups / apps / products that are less than a year old on or before December 1, 2011 from any African tech market and valid while ad spaces are available.

So if you run a start-up, app or product about a year old, here’s your chance to get 7 days of fame on our homepage. Your ad banner should be 150×150 pixel in size, static or animated, and should be sent to startups [at] with ‘Startupise’ as subject.

By the way, if your start-up launched this year, but didn’t get coverage on TechLoy, it may be that we either didn’t find it relevant or unique to be covered here. Or it may be that your pitch didn’t impress us enough to get in touch with you or cover your start-up.

In any case, I’m working on an article on How To Pitch To TechLoy And Possibly Get Coverage to be published soon. In 2013, we hope to cover three times the number of start-ups we covered in 2012 and yours might just be in the spotlight.

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